special editions:

Dunkel:heit - obey CD Dunkel:heit - obey CD

cat-nr: sug: 007, release date: Oct. 1995, ltd. edition: 100
The classic debut CD by the `Universal Chaos Orchestra´ in a wonderful numbered and handsprayed jacket.

Humid - s/t 7¨ Origami Glaktika - stjernevandring LP

HUMID - s/t 7"
cat-nr: sug: 008, release date: Feb. 1996,
ltd. edition: 45, blue vinyl

The ltd. numbered version came with the represented full coloured DIN-A2 poster.

ORIGAMI GALAKTIKA - stjernevandring LP
cat-nr: tinnitus / v.S.: 002, release date: Jan. 1996,
ltd. edition: 100, red vinyl

Complete with full coloured Cicilie Risåsen DIN-A2 poster artwork.

Origami Galaktika - eesti lilled silmad süda 3LP-box Origami Galaktika - eesti lilled silmad süda 3LP-box

ORIGAMI GALAKTIKA – Eesti Lilled Silmad Süda 3LP-box
cat-nr: tinnitus / v.S.: 006, release date: Jan. 1998, ltd. edition: 50, clear vinyl,
This beautiful handnumbered and sprayed box contains the `stjernevandring´ debut album (blue vinyl), the `Eesti Lilled Silmad Süda´ doLP and the `ORIGAMI ROMANTIKA - seven inches of love´ 7".

Contagious Orgasm - loop floor 7¨ / CD box Contagious Orgasm - loop floor 7¨ / CD box

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM - loop floor 7"
cat-nr: tinnitus / v.S.: 007, release date: Feb. 1999, ltd. edition: 30, black vinyl
The limited version contains the `loop floor´ 7", a 60 min live CD-R recorded on their european tour in 1997 and a pair of long black gloves. Comes in a excellent black box with beautiful impudence artwork.