Speeding Across My Hemisphere

Plotkin / Dubin - do split 7¨  JIMMY PLOTKIN / ALAN DUBIN - do split 7"
cat-nr: tinnitus / v.S.: 001, release date: Jan. 1995, first edition: 600, clear vinyl

Outstanding weird industrial noise recorded by J. Plotkin and A. Dubin (OLD)! Colossally insane electronics and disturbing sounds!
Origami Galaktika - stjernevandring LP  ORIGAMI GALAKTIKA - stjernevandring LP
cat-nr: tinnitus / v.S.: 002, release date: Jan. 1996, first edition: 600, red vinyl, reviews
second edition: 100, blue vinyl

Two tracks of slow frequencies, meditative music that allowes you to travel far and explore new territories!
Origami Romantika - seven inches of love 7¨  ORIGAMI ROMANTIKA - seven inches of love 7"
cat-nr: tinnitus / v.S.: 003, release date: July 1996, first edition: 600, red vinyl

Two songs in the spirit of Velvet Underground, published as an icon of love, trust, respect, light, romance and rhyme!
Manipura - vessels for the infinite 7¨  MANIPURA - vessels for the infinite 7"
cat-nr: tinnitus / v.S.: 004, release date: Aug. 1996, first edition: 600, red vinyl

Two pieces from these Oslo based project, combining atmospheric drones and minimalistic tribal percussion!
Delphium - our tribe of nothingness 7¨  DELPHIUM - our tribe of nothingness 7"
cat-nr: tinnitus / v.S.: 005, release date: Sep. 1998, first edition: 600, clear vinyl, mp3
Joint-released with Disaster Area

A little more techno influenced than previous delphium output’s. Three rhytmical dark pieces, atmospheric sounds and loops!
Origami Galaktika - eesti lilled silmad süda doLP  ORIGAMI GALAKTKA - Eesti Lilled Silmad Süda doLP
cat-nr: tinnitus / v.S.: 006, release date: Jan. 1998, first edition: 600, clear vinyl,
Joint-released with Pain Art

ORIGAMI's absolutely most deep space meditative fraction with their second album! More long dwelling soundscapes created with synthesizers, percussion, loops, samples a.o.! Comes in a full colour gatefold jacket with excellent artwork by Cicilie Risåsen!
Contagious Orgasm - loop floor 7¨  CONTAGIOUS ORGASM - loop floor 7"
cat-nr: tinnitus / v.S.: 007, release date: Feb. 1999, first edition: 600, black vinyl

Two cuts from Hiroshi Hashimoto (electronic guitar, sampler), Marvel (percussion) and Seizi Niwa (turntable, percussion). A metamorphic soundbed of collaged rhythms, choral samples and loops
Manipura - s/t LP  MANIPURA - s/t LP
cat-nr: tinnitus / v.S.: 008, release date: Dec. 1999, first edition: 700, black vinyl

MANIPURA has turned from being a small side project, creating soundscapes on a very limited equipment, to a full time project, featuring contributions from friends,a change of musical direction and some new equipment. So far MANIPURA has been on 2 tours in Europe, together with ORIGAMI (represented by B9) and an ocational DJ session with own music. Since being on stage alone is quite boring, 9L has desided to make MANIPURA a band in the future.
iD - proton one 10¨  iD - proton one 10"
cat-nr: tinnitus / v.S.: 009, release date: April 2001, first edition: 1000, black vinyl

iD is Ashley Davies (Headbutt, Detonator, Project Dark, Chemical Plant, Spectreman, The London Dirthole Company). The music is a collection brittle ambient noises laced with dense drones and the crackle and pop of ominous foreboding. As with other iD material,chance, accident and luck have shaped the final product produced from tone generators, crude loops and assorted electrical appliances. No conventional instrumentation was used in the recording process..unless you count a domestic record player as conventional.