Suggestion Records

Piledriver - s/t 7¨  PILEDRIVER - s/t 7"
cat-nr: sug: 001, release date: Jan. 1994, first edition: 1000, green vinyl

Two fantastic features of intense, raw and grinding industrial metal from the suburbs of Norway's capital city! Ultimately the tightest and most powerfull project from Norway!
Dogmeat - bite 7¨  DOGMEAT - bite 7"
cat-nr: sug: 002, release date: Feb. 1994, first edition: 1000, black vinyl

Finland's extreme experimental industrial doom project. Five colossaly grinding industrial peaces. A absolutely devastating debut from these disturbing noise experimentation, influenced by Black Sabbath and Godflesh!
Elixir - s/t 7¨  ELIXIR - s/t 7"
cat-nr: sug: 003, release date: Apr. 1994, first edition: 1000, yellow vinyl

The sound of ELIXIR is a nightmarish dream, an uncontrolable haze of distorted frequencies and crashing rythms, all subject to a punishing back beat. Ranging from beyond heavy hardcore beats to droning, ambient rumblings, ELIXIR combine many influences to produce the most advance sound they are humanly capable of.
Dunkel:heit - more than meets the third eye 7¨  DUNKEL:HEIT - more than meets the third eye 7"
cat-nr: sug: 004, release date: Aug. 1994, first edition: 1000, clear vinyl

An orchestrated apocalypse of intense industrial spacecore for our wasted generation! Experience the utter horror of musical dismemberment by the Universal Chaos Orchestra. Four songs of sonic deconstruction!
Deep - drinkdeepdreams 7¨  DEEP - drinkdeepdreams 7"
cat-nr: sug: 005, release date: Feb. 1995, first edition: 1000, blue vinyl

Deep's debut release. Slow-motion experimental sounds, played with drum computers, 2 bass guitars, noisy synth parts and tape loops! Heavenly multidimensional song/noise structures!
Das Große Fressen - contra mutant 7¨  DAS GROßE FRESSEN - contra mutant 7"
cat-nr: sug: 006, release date: Apr. 1995, first edition: 1000, red vinyl

The most extreme and weird one-man orchestra with the charismatic P.F. Staub on the entertainment noise and technical equipment! A tasty electro noise obscenity!
Dunkel:heit - obey CD  DUNKEL:HEIT - obey CD
cat-nr: sug: 007, release date: Oct. 1995, first edition: 2000, mp3

70 minutes of pure pleasure from the Universal Chaos Orchestra! Colossally heavy technical industrial spacecore. A mind confusing surrealistic composition out of atmospheric sounds and disturbing noises.
Humid - s/t 7¨  HUMID - s/t 7"
cat-nr: sug: 008, release date: Feb. 1996, first edition: 1000, blue & green vinyl

Superb classic noise-rock from Oslo / Norway. Heavy, gloomy spooky and sometimes slighty pop ish guitar noise-rock!
Splintered - smokescreen 7¨  SPLINTERED - smokescreen 7"
cat-nr: sug: 009, release date: Feb. 1996, first edition: 1000, blue vinyl

Features a hypnotically-pounding title track built around drums, metal percussion, keyboard, gtr., treatments and buried vocals, plus four flipside pieces!
Shrinkwrap - upon the fruited plan 7¨  SHRINKWRAP - upon the fruited plains 7"
cat-nr: sug: 010, release date: May 1996, first edition: 1000, red, pink & green vinyl
Joint-released with `No Risk No Fun´ Records

Pittsburgh’s most notorious noisemongers! An industrial opera of noise and madness! A total insane fusion of extreme guitar noises, weird samples and intense rhythms.
Headbutt - fuelled up and ready to burn 7¨  HEADBUTT - fuelled up and ready to burn 7"
cat-nr: sug: 011, release date: Apr. 1996, first edition: 1000, red vinyl

Two new songs from London’s most direct, cranium-disgusting, post-industrial noise outfits! Awesome rumbling noises, weird rhythms and danceable structured beats!
Cosmonauts Hail Satan - mortuary sorcery 7¨  COSMONAUTS HAIL SATAN - mortuary sorcery 7"
cat-nr: sug: 012, release date: Nov. 1996, first edition: 600, black vinyl

Psychotic output from these Leeds-based kings of experimental tortured noise sound! Weird and varied experimental noise, hypnotic samples and amazing insane electronics!
Splintered - moraine LP  SPLINTERED - moraine LP
cat-nr: sug: 013, release date: Nov. 1996, first edition: 600, black vinyl
Joint-released with `No Risk No Fun´Records

Comprising two 18/19 minute pieces that represent the bands most accomplished work!
Mercury 4°F - phased LP  MERCURY 4°F - phased LP
cat-nr: sug: 014, release date: May 1997, first edition: 600, black vinyl

A journey to the nether worlds of the human psyche. Slugish noise rock, atmospheric, distorted and gloomy stuff! With this manifest the project MERCURY 4°F is terminated and continues under the new name PHASED 4°F.
Dissecting Table - why 7¨  DISSECTING TABLE - why 7"
cat-nr: sug: 015, release date: May 1997, first edition: 700, black vinyl, mp3

Beautiful packaged output from Japanese noise artist Ichiro Tsuji. Two cuts of distorted metal-percussion, ghostly chime, dark dronings and screaming voices.
Splintered - noumena CD  SPLINTERED - noumena CD
cat-nr: sug: 016, release date: Aug. 1998, first edition: 500,
Joint-released with Amanita Records and Fourth Dimension, mp3

Submerged vocal mantras, grand canyon rhythms labyrinthine textures, screaming, loops, bamboo flute, crocodile tears, moonlit guitar surges and spattered samples. Also, keeping the pups at bay, some wonderful, Graham Lambkin artwork.
 HEADBUTT - solvent bassed product CD
cat-nr: sug: 017, release date: Aug. 1998, first edition: 1000, mp3

Since 1990 HEADBUTT has swam in the endless ocean of joyous celebratory noise and rhythmic uplifting mayhem using their trademark multiple basses, teetering percussionists, storms of feedback, beautiful possessed vocals and of course their cheap suits.
dab.ay.ah - find the canyon 7¨  dab.ay.ah - find the canyon 7"
cat-nr: sug: 018, release date: Sep. 1998, first edition: 600, red vinyl

Mesmerising new finish hypno-rock project! Two cuts of gurgling electronics, psyched-out guitars and sprightly rhythms! Complete with gatefold cover full of holes and printed tin foil inner sleeve!
Detonator - lifetime guarantee 7¨  DETONATOR - lifetime guarantee 7"
cat-nr: sug: 019, release date: Dec. 1999, first edition: 700, yellow vinyl

New project that formed as an offshoot of `Chemical Plant´ reforming `Ashley Davies´ (Headbutt, Project D.A.R.K., The London Dirthole Company etc), `Matt Scott´ (D.A.R.K., Klinker Club, etc) and `Isa Suarez´(FinDeSiecle etc) making futurist-ic film signature tunes with enchanting lyrics in an old Basque dialect. The kind of bleak feeling inspired by dysfunctional machinery and the madness that keeps the human spirit trapped within itself. Jane Birkin meets Metropolis?? Pop music for people who think they don’t like pop music
The End - reversed psyche 7¨  THE END - reversed psyche 7"
cat-nr: sug: 020, release date: June 1999, first edition: 400, black vinyl

The End was formed during `96 by two crazy technocrats from Oslo’s underworld. They experiment with all sorts of crazy sounds ranging from self-strangulation, insane guitars, psychotic loops to funny cartoon samples and mental film statements. This is the strangest vinyl release from this project.
Piledriver - heavy electricity CD  PILEDRIVER - heavy electricity CD
cat-nr: sug: 021, release date: March 2002, first edition: 1000, mp3

Joint-released by Piledriver and Suggestion Records! Piledrivers fourth and finally their best album so far. This album contains 11 refreshing full-on energetic dancable songs!
DISSECTING TABLE - no longer human CD-R  DISSECTING TABLE - no longer human CD-R
cat-nr: sug: 022, release date: March 2006, first edition: 300, mp3 reviews

Four unreleased compositions from 2003!